Buying a Piano

Buying a second hand piano is no easy option. It may look good on the outside, but could well be rubbish on the inside, and vice versa. Buying off the internet, without seeing or playing the instrument is a gamble, you need to play and listen to the piano first before you buy, to make sure its the right one for you.

There are so many things that could go wrong with a piano, that a simple purchase of say 100 could leave you with a bill of 1500. So be carefull! Help is always at hand. At Richard Parker Pianos we are only to willing to advise you, not just to point you in our direction, but to give you the advice you need so you are not disappointed. Contact us via our website or e.mail address and we can advise, or phone our shop, and we will, with impartiality, try to help.

All of the sales at Richard Parker Pianos are top quality, pre-owned, modern instruments. We also supply new pianos. Sometimes we have in stock a beginners Piano which is delivered, guaranteed and tuned , these are usually a traded in Piano that will enable any budding pianist to get of the ground and start to play and these can be traded in with us at a later date, should you wish, for a better Piano, here at Richard Parker(pianos) we aim to promote the Piano as much as possible as an instrument of fun and enjoyment and a joy to have in the home, e,mail or phone for advise we are impartial.

Once you have looked on the web site always ring should you wish to call and see any of the pianos.